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Twenty is popping off on campus! It’s a quick, easy way to figure out who’s going to be where and when. Doesn’t drain your battery either!”
Alexa uses
Twenty at
University of Michigan
This app is the best way to connect with your friends in the area and to know where they're going for any sort of occasion, from meeting up for lunch to knowing where they're going out at night. Only your friends can see where you are, and you can even edit your location privacy settings if you don't want them to see your location regularly. It's become a fun and interactive way for me and all my friends to let each other know where we'll be if we want to meet up!”
Danny uses
Twenty in
Los Angeles, CA
I love this app because it is the best way to make and coordinate plans to meet up with friends. It is so easy to use and eliminates any need for multiple group chats and debating plans. Twenty shows users all the options as to what they can do/attend that day, as well as who is going to certain events, it’s simply the best way to figure out what your friends are doing and what you want to do.”
Nigel uses
Twenty in
Miami, FL
This app has altered the social scene in college for the better. Instead of making last minute plans, ideas are thrown around throughout the week on the app to see which idea gets the most traction. It's super helpful to see who's going before you actually arrive at the event. Twenty has helped immensely in bringing people together from all chapters of Greek life and beyond.”
Taylor uses
Twenty at
University of Maryland
DJ Khaled uses Twenty because “it’s about real life link-up, meet-up, and good energy.”
DJ Khaled
Twenty Ambassador
This app is taking over college campuses. I go to the University of Delaware, one of the largest party schools in the country and there's always so much going on. If there are a couple events happening at one time on a Friday night, which is pretty typical, you can check twenty and see which one your friends are hitting up. This app has actually gotten me more social, and made making plans with people so much easier than in a huge group chat where nothing ever gets done. It's the app of the future, you heard it here first.”
Steven uses
Twenty at
University of Delaware
Kaia Gerber uses Twenty because “it encourages people to get together.”
Kaia Gerber
Twenty Ambassador
The public pins are awesome. My friends and I often look there to get new and fun ideas for what to do in the city when we’re bored. This app has actually made my social life better, instead of being another form of social media I waste hours on. I love this app and definitely think it’s the next big thing!!!”
Shai uses
Twenty in
New York, NY
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